Sustainable Textiles

We put a lot of effort into our textiles, or human-made fabrics. Across the world and throughout history, textiles have been the base of some of the most lucrative economies and networks of exchange in the world. Ever heard of the Silk Road? Textiles are important, and it’s not just because we need them to stay warm. We enjoy our textiles. But, we want to be able to feel good about our textiles. Just as we want to make sure that we are making responsible habits in the food products we purchase and consume, we need to be aware of the impact of our role as economic consumers of textiles. In accordance with that agenda, many people in the world are pushing for more sustainable textiles or ethically produced fabrics. Therefore Nitex-50 AD takes all the responsibility of sustainable production starting form fiber selection throughout the whole processes. We may look good in our textiles, but we want to feel good about them too.