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About Us – Nitex 50

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Nitex-50 AD is a vertically integrated apparel fabric mill which was established in 1950s. It has been one of the first pioneer textile factories in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, manufacturing textile products with wool and other noble fibers. Nitex-50 AD is a well experienced mill producing knitted and woven fabrics over 70 years. We have revolutionized our production throughout  the years serving the well-known global fashion brands.

Nitex-50 AD has two factories which are located in Sofia / Bulgaria and Tekirdag / Turkey with total of 80 000 square meters closed production areas.

Nitex-50 AD has the following operations in house:

Weaving Division: This division is the first step to shape fabric. New designs and pattern are transformed into fashion fabrics.

Technical details:

  1. Picanol weaving looms. Optimax and Gammax.
  2. Daily weaving capacity: 20 000 mtr fabrics.
  3. Yarn dyed and self-patterned fabrics for various garments.

Circular Knitting Division: Nitex-50 AD’s circular knitted fabrics collection has classic and smart-wear look with high level of comfort.

Technical details:

  1. Orizio, Mayer, Terrot branded circular knitted machines with various patterns and gauges.
  2. 10 tons of circular knitted fabrics daily capacity.
  3. Different structured, piece or yarn dyed fabrics.

Dyeing and Finishing Division:

The final stage of the fabric production is dyeing and finishing.

Technical details:

  1. Pat-Batch Dyeing
  2. Jet Dyeing
  3. Printing
  4. Finishing
  5. Total daily capacity of dyeing and finishing division is 30 tones.