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Nitex-50 AD is a vertically integrated apparel fabric mill. Reach us now at sales@nitex50.com

Nitex 50 - Overview

We have been bringing a revolutionary change in the Textile industry through our unique products since the 50s.

Production Capability

We can produce a variety of textile products with custom parameters, exceeding our client expectaions.

Company History

One of the largest & most reputed textile manufacturers in Turkey and Bulgaria, with local services in Moscow as well.

Fabric Designs

At Nitex-50, we offer unique blend of qualities with award winning solutions.

About NITEX-50

Leading Fabric Mill since the '50s

Nitex-50 AD is a vertically integrated apparel fabric mill which was established in 1950s. It has been one of the first pioneer textile factories in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, manufacturing textile products with wool and other noble fibers. Nitex-50 AD is a well experienced mill producing knitted and woven fabrics over 70 years. We have revolutionized our production throughout the years serving the well-known global fashion brands.

  • Designs the fashion
  • Leads the market
  • Eco friendly production
  • Reliable supplier
  • Natural products
  • Awarded for best exporter

Nitex-50 AD is leading textile manufacturer

Social Responsibility in Every aspects of production

Safety At Work

Eco Friendly

Healthy work place