Nitex-50 AD is a vertically integrated apparel fabric mill which was established in 1950s for the manufacture of all kinds of wool and noble fiber textile products. It is the oldest pioneer industrial company in Bulgaria and the Eastern EU and has a broad knowledge of apparel knitted and woven fabrics mainly composed of noble fibers. It has been operating with fully integrated production divisions since 1950s.

As a result of major changes in the textile industry over the last two decades, Nitex-50 AD has redesigned its factory's production operations with modifications to incorporate technologically advanced machinery and equipment. It is now a competitive force in the supply of apparel fabrics to mass market retail brands in the USA and the EU.

Today, Nitex-50 AD generates sales and production orders on the basis of its own fabric collection. These are designed by fabric technologists and the designers with the added consultancy of famous freelance designers. The emphasis on fashion design plays an integral role in our rapidly expanding textile markets.

Nitex-50 AD offers customized fabric design ideas and production solutions for each of its retail customers. Working together, we are able to explore new fabric design concepts that combine fashion and affordability in customized ready-to-wear products and ensure fast product turnover in their stores. This is also called the "Pronto moda"  fashion concept.

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